BMRS - April (Show 4)


Scott "Mer-Man" Barbour Banter and Spammer of Myspace

Andolo "Kobra Kahn" Cattiganos - The Evil Mexican Cousin Of Cattigan All The Audio Wizardy and Putting up With Barbour's uncharismatic voice

CARPATHIA Track Name: "Disconnect" Coventry's Prog/Black/Thrash Merchants

CERTAIN DEATH Track Name: "Go Fuck Your Scene" Raw, Real Punklike stuff featuring personnel from The Exploited

CRUSADES Track Name: "Kingdom of Ruins" From The Most Metal Place On The Fucking Planet "Basingstoke"

DEAD TO SIN Track Name: "Thoughtless Warlords" Catchy Death Metal From Lancaster

DELIMSERGE Track Name: "Sacrifice" Tomfollery From Perth!

EL CHUPACABRAS Track Name: "When I Was A Jackal" Epic Glaswegian Doom

HEATHEN FORAY Track Name: "A Summer's Tale" Fancy Folk Metal From The Mythical Town Of Hall

IN ETERNUM Track Name: "I, The Final Sunset" Chesham Prog Malarky

INFOBIA Track Name: "Believe In Me" 1st Band To Be Cursed By Barbour's Metal Radio Show Split Up Yesterday Will Reform With New Line-Up And Name Soon! NAILS OF CHRIST Track Name: "Darkness Falls" Carnage Caused By The Crossover Kings Of The North East

OBSIDIAN Track Name "Craft Knife Suicide" Leicester Brutality! PARAFFIN Track Name: "Odium Of Arrogance" Old School Heavy Metal From Balloch SCALD Track Name: "Vanishing Point" The 1st Band From Northern Ireland To Appear On The Show!

STINKWEED Track Name: "Drowned Out" This Band Sound Like The Bastard Son Of Devin Townsend - Enjoy!

UK HATE GRIND Track Name: "Stickybackspastic" 2 Guys By The Names Of Merv & Chuck With Far Too Much Spare Time

Also the standard competition you have the chance to win 2 tickets to Open Gate Promotions' 1st gig featuring Achren and Embolism on 30 April at the Soundhaus, Glasgow. Don't be shy give it a try. Send me a joke through the myspace... or in an e-mail ...