No Longer Using Podbean

• June 2nd, 2007

Pobean no longer allows me to upload more than 30mg without paying for it.  As a result I hame moved the show to


BMRS - May Show- No. 5 - (Finally)

• May 7th, 2007

First and foremost …

An Apology

Due to unforeseen circumstances (Barbour’s Maw n Da’ having a wee argument over a lawnmower, resulting in them staying in on a Saturday afternoon and therefore not letting Barbour record the show in peace) the show had been delayed. Let’s hope there are no other domestic incidents as Barbour is very dependent on his parents and will starve to death without their support. We would also like to apologise for no longer using He-Man aliases in the credits as we are beginning to run out of them. We have switched to baddies from GI Joe in the meantime.


Andrew “Cobra Commander” Cattigan Audio Wizardy and creator of the mp3 file which you download

Scott “Serprentor” Barbour Begs bands for tunes on myspace, records audio snippets on a dodgy microphone and then gives the tunes and the banter to Cattigan on a disk to “fix”.

On this month’s show …

A Misuse Of Rage Track Name: “My Favourite Enemy” From Tilbury/Essex come this 4 piece of modern metal merchants

Abraxas Track Name: “Midnight Society Glaswegian thrash metal “for short people” – Absolutely excellent stuff

Ad Infinitum Track Name: “The Mighty Warrior” An epic journey of jolliness

Boltdown Track Name: “Deadlock” Newcastle Upon Tyne’s metal monsters describe themselves as “metal as fuck” for a reason

Circle Of Tyrants Track Name: “Spearhead Assault” Glaswegian “War Thrash” superheroes who have come to rape paedos! Was maybe slightly critical of them on the podcast but that’s awrite they’re ma pals!

Countervela Track Name: “Fugit (Sample)” Prog/Experimental metal from Derry

Fetal Limb Amputation Track Name: “17 Facial Stabwounds” Aryshire Grind, it will take you longer to read this description than listen to their track

M.O.S.H. (Monsters Of Sexual Harmony) Track Name: “The Hamburglar” Glasgow’s comedic thrash metallers called it a day far too early in my view, sign the petition and help bring them back!

No Consequence Track Name: “The Horizon’s Burnt” A quality metal track but there’s also a big beatdown there if your looking for aerobic exercise!

Novella Track Name: “What Becomes Of You” Baws Oot, epic, “old skool” metal from lucky Larkhall’s Novella

Scar My Eyes Track Name: “Cont(r)Addiction” Hertfordshire’s Scar My Eyes are brunt and brutal – Bang On!

Soma Track Name: “Reborn” Catchy classic rock/metal

Thor Track Name: “I Am Your Demon” The God of Thunder has personally approved the Manchester band’s name!

Waking Theo Track Name: “Shadow Of Doubt” Self Described as "More mischief than Benny Hill on Pro Plus!"

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BMRS - April (Show 4)

• April 2nd, 2007


Scott "Mer-Man" Barbour Banter and Spammer of Myspace

Andolo "Kobra Kahn" Cattiganos - The Evil Mexican Cousin Of Cattigan All The Audio Wizardy and Putting up With Barbour's uncharismatic voice

CARPATHIA Track Name: "Disconnect" Coventry's Prog/Black/Thrash Merchants

CERTAIN DEATH Track Name: "Go Fuck Your Scene" Raw, Real Punklike stuff featuring personnel from The Exploited

CRUSADES Track Name: "Kingdom of Ruins" From The Most Metal Place On The Fucking Planet "Basingstoke"

DEAD TO SIN Track Name: "Thoughtless Warlords" Catchy Death Metal From Lancaster

DELIMSERGE Track Name: "Sacrifice" Tomfollery From Perth!

EL CHUPACABRAS Track Name: "When I Was A Jackal" Epic Glaswegian Doom

HEATHEN FORAY Track Name: "A Summer's Tale" Fancy Folk Metal From The Mythical Town Of Hall

IN ETERNUM Track Name: "I, The Final Sunset" Chesham Prog Malarky

INFOBIA Track Name: "Believe In Me" 1st Band To Be Cursed By Barbour's Metal Radio Show Split Up Yesterday Will Reform With New Line-Up And Name Soon! NAILS OF CHRIST Track Name: "Darkness Falls" Carnage Caused By The Crossover Kings Of The North East

OBSIDIAN Track Name "Craft Knife Suicide" Leicester Brutality! PARAFFIN Track Name: "Odium Of Arrogance" Old School Heavy Metal From Balloch SCALD Track Name: "Vanishing Point" The 1st Band From Northern Ireland To Appear On The Show!

STINKWEED Track Name: "Drowned Out" This Band Sound Like The Bastard Son Of Devin Townsend - Enjoy!

UK HATE GRIND Track Name: "Stickybackspastic" 2 Guys By The Names Of Merv & Chuck With Far Too Much Spare Time

Also the standard competition you have the chance to win 2 tickets to Open Gate Promotions' 1st gig featuring Achren and Embolism on 30 April at the Soundhaus, Glasgow. Don't be shy give it a try. Send me a joke through the myspace... or in an e-mail ...


BMRS - March 2007

• March 1st, 2007


Scott "Trap-Jaw" Barbour - Unusual rantings and utterances, also hounds bands via myspace and picks the tunes Andy "Tri-Klops" Cattigan - The unlucky guy that puts all Barbour's pish together and merges them with the tunes to make some sort of show

Achren Fast Aggressive Black Thrash Metal from Glasgow - Quite Braw!!!

Amok Exciting Thrash Metal From Glasgow

And Shadows Shall Remain Melodic Thrash Metal with ocassional clean Vocals from Glasgow

Battleheart Quality Pirate Metal From Perth

Blob (In A Bad Way, Could Do with Being Updated) Grindcore loonies from Glasgow that support Celtic

Dawn of Chaos This naughty Hartlepool groovy death metal band claim to be "The best thing To come out the North East Since Venom"

Eyeful Of I Metal madness from Manchester!

Encrusted Lovepump Absolute 100% Nonsense

Kill All Celebrities Beatdown Ladel Metal From Dundee - Listen out For their track "Why didn't Kylie Just Die Of Cancer)

Kolossal Kaos Cheeky Catchy Metal

LSD Glasgow Stoner Rock

Madman Is Absolute Yet More Glasgow Brutality

Reaper Of Hate Keyboard Ridden "Happy" Metal from Glasgow

Throne Of Stone Blackened Death Metal From Wigan/Nottingham Area

Vomicide Epic Progressive Black Metal From The North East Of England

+ the standard tell Barbour a joke competition either messaging him via Myspace ( or via e-mail ( and you can win yourself a well produced and presented Achren Demo as well as a set of darts which come in a pouch which is only sgned by the World's number 1 dart's player Martin Adams

in short this podcast is more or less 80 minutes worth of metal and metal related nonsense.



BMRS Epiosde 2 (Feb. 07)

• February 1st, 2007


Andy "Beastman" Cattigan (Katygen) - Puts The Show Together and puts the Special in Special Needs

Scott "Million Dollar Man" Barbour - Fat prick wae too much spare time who picks the tunes n talks shite! The 2nd Show features the following bands (in alphabetical order NOT playlist order)

15 Times Dead Paisley's "Godfather's of Girth Metal" Bring You Their Thrasy Goodness - website: - Myspace:

Argonath Glasgow's pioneers of Warrior Metal are currently in search of a new frontman - website: DEAD (they used to have a glorious site!) - myspace:

Attica Rage Old School NWOBHM From Glasgow - Website: - myspace:

Bonesaw Even Aberdeen Has Decent Death Metal - website: - myspace:

Chao:sphere Industrial Brutality From Glasgow's Chaosphere - website: (currently down) - myspace:

Embolism Glasgow's child molesting death metallers- website: NONE - myspace:

Hellhouse Scotland's Hellhouse bring you their "pumping" sound! - Website: (currently down) - myspace:

Mutant London's Thrash Metal Titans - website: NONE - myspace:

Nebukadnezza Grindcore Nutters more Than Worthy Of their Brujeria Support Slot - website: - myspace:

Plague Mad Death Metal come Grindcore from Weymouth - website: (currently down) - myspace:

Snakebite London's most agressive "Southern Rock" band ever!!!! - website: - myspace:

Speedtheory Terrorzer's 2nd Best Unsigned Uk Act of 2006, Wolverhampton's Speedtheory continue to destroy in 2007! - website: - myspace:

Torquewench "The only decent thing to have anything to do with Cumbernauld!" - website: - myspace:

Uncerta Sunderland's Uncerta briging you their catchy but yet oh so brutal metal!! - website: None (how bizarre in this modern world of geocities accounts and free redirectory services!) - myspace:

Visceral Deity Another lovely Death Metal outfit coming out of Glasgow's Beezer of a Metal Scene - NO WEBSITE - myspace:

Zero Sunderland's mighty catchy thrashers and their meaty track "Line Up, Shoot, Execute" - website: - myspace:

I have also tried my best to promote the Upcoming Massacre/Sin night happening at the Glasgow Soundhaus on Friday 9 February featuring 4 of these bands (Bonesaw, Hellhouse, 15 Times Dead and Zero) there is also a competition to win 2 free tickets for this gig!

Competition closes on Wednesday 7 February (which I may or may not have mentioned on the show)


1st Show - Explicit Content

• January 1st, 2007

Explicit Contents sweary words in the songs and by the host.


Barbour - Shite Banter & Picker Of Tunes Katygen - Compiler Of The Show, Equalizing Sound, Patron Saint Of Jews

Show Features:-

15 Times Dead A Thousand Lies Beyond the Buried Black River Falls Bring Out Your Dead Centuries Cry Crimson Angel Death In Blood Maelstrom MIA Origin (Not The Kansas Death Metal Band) Paradox Sanguinus

If particularly interested in joining Beyond the Buried On Bass, or joining MIA on vocals, or Crimson Angel on drums please check my myspace blog for contact details.

The myspace address is

Please note this show has now been removed (not enough storage space for 2 shows at one time)