BMRS - May Show- No. 5 - (Finally)

First and foremost …

An Apology

Due to unforeseen circumstances (Barbour’s Maw n Da’ having a wee argument over a lawnmower, resulting in them staying in on a Saturday afternoon and therefore not letting Barbour record the show in peace) the show had been delayed. Let’s hope there are no other domestic incidents as Barbour is very dependent on his parents and will starve to death without their support. We would also like to apologise for no longer using He-Man aliases in the credits as we are beginning to run out of them. We have switched to baddies from GI Joe in the meantime.


Andrew “Cobra Commander” Cattigan Audio Wizardy and creator of the mp3 file which you download

Scott “Serprentor” Barbour Begs bands for tunes on myspace, records audio snippets on a dodgy microphone and then gives the tunes and the banter to Cattigan on a disk to “fix”.

On this month’s show …

A Misuse Of Rage Track Name: “My Favourite Enemy” From Tilbury/Essex come this 4 piece of modern metal merchants

Abraxas Track Name: “Midnight Society Glaswegian thrash metal “for short people” – Absolutely excellent stuff

Ad Infinitum Track Name: “The Mighty Warrior” An epic journey of jolliness

Boltdown Track Name: “Deadlock” Newcastle Upon Tyne’s metal monsters describe themselves as “metal as fuck” for a reason

Circle Of Tyrants Track Name: “Spearhead Assault” Glaswegian “War Thrash” superheroes who have come to rape paedos! Was maybe slightly critical of them on the podcast but that’s awrite they’re ma pals!

Countervela Track Name: “Fugit (Sample)” Prog/Experimental metal from Derry

Fetal Limb Amputation Track Name: “17 Facial Stabwounds” Aryshire Grind, it will take you longer to read this description than listen to their track

M.O.S.H. (Monsters Of Sexual Harmony) Track Name: “The Hamburglar” Glasgow’s comedic thrash metallers called it a day far too early in my view, sign the petition and help bring them back!

No Consequence Track Name: “The Horizon’s Burnt” A quality metal track but there’s also a big beatdown there if your looking for aerobic exercise!

Novella Track Name: “What Becomes Of You” Baws Oot, epic, “old skool” metal from lucky Larkhall’s Novella

Scar My Eyes Track Name: “Cont(r)Addiction” Hertfordshire’s Scar My Eyes are brunt and brutal – Bang On!

Soma Track Name: “Reborn” Catchy classic rock/metal

Thor Track Name: “I Am Your Demon” The God of Thunder has personally approved the Manchester band’s name!

Waking Theo Track Name: “Shadow Of Doubt” Self Described as "More mischief than Benny Hill on Pro Plus!"


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