BMRS Epiosde 2 (Feb. 07)


Andy "Beastman" Cattigan (Katygen) - Puts The Show Together and puts the Special in Special Needs

Scott "Million Dollar Man" Barbour - Fat prick wae too much spare time who picks the tunes n talks shite! The 2nd Show features the following bands (in alphabetical order NOT playlist order)

15 Times Dead Paisley's "Godfather's of Girth Metal" Bring You Their Thrasy Goodness - website: - Myspace:

Argonath Glasgow's pioneers of Warrior Metal are currently in search of a new frontman - website: DEAD (they used to have a glorious site!) - myspace:

Attica Rage Old School NWOBHM From Glasgow - Website: - myspace:

Bonesaw Even Aberdeen Has Decent Death Metal - website: - myspace:

Chao:sphere Industrial Brutality From Glasgow's Chaosphere - website: (currently down) - myspace:

Embolism Glasgow's child molesting death metallers- website: NONE - myspace:

Hellhouse Scotland's Hellhouse bring you their "pumping" sound! - Website: (currently down) - myspace:

Mutant London's Thrash Metal Titans - website: NONE - myspace:

Nebukadnezza Grindcore Nutters more Than Worthy Of their Brujeria Support Slot - website: - myspace:

Plague Mad Death Metal come Grindcore from Weymouth - website: (currently down) - myspace:

Snakebite London's most agressive "Southern Rock" band ever!!!! - website: - myspace:

Speedtheory Terrorzer's 2nd Best Unsigned Uk Act of 2006, Wolverhampton's Speedtheory continue to destroy in 2007! - website: - myspace:

Torquewench "The only decent thing to have anything to do with Cumbernauld!" - website: - myspace:

Uncerta Sunderland's Uncerta briging you their catchy but yet oh so brutal metal!! - website: None (how bizarre in this modern world of geocities accounts and free redirectory services!) - myspace:

Visceral Deity Another lovely Death Metal outfit coming out of Glasgow's Beezer of a Metal Scene - NO WEBSITE - myspace:

Zero Sunderland's mighty catchy thrashers and their meaty track "Line Up, Shoot, Execute" - website: - myspace:

I have also tried my best to promote the Upcoming Massacre/Sin night happening at the Glasgow Soundhaus on Friday 9 February featuring 4 of these bands (Bonesaw, Hellhouse, 15 Times Dead and Zero) there is also a competition to win 2 free tickets for this gig!

Competition closes on Wednesday 7 February (which I may or may not have mentioned on the show)