BMRS - March 2007


Scott "Trap-Jaw" Barbour - Unusual rantings and utterances, also hounds bands via myspace and picks the tunes Andy "Tri-Klops" Cattigan - The unlucky guy that puts all Barbour's pish together and merges them with the tunes to make some sort of show

Achren Fast Aggressive Black Thrash Metal from Glasgow - Quite Braw!!!

Amok Exciting Thrash Metal From Glasgow

And Shadows Shall Remain Melodic Thrash Metal with ocassional clean Vocals from Glasgow

Battleheart Quality Pirate Metal From Perth

Blob (In A Bad Way, Could Do with Being Updated) Grindcore loonies from Glasgow that support Celtic

Dawn of Chaos This naughty Hartlepool groovy death metal band claim to be "The best thing To come out the North East Since Venom"

Eyeful Of I Metal madness from Manchester!

Encrusted Lovepump Absolute 100% Nonsense

Kill All Celebrities Beatdown Ladel Metal From Dundee - Listen out For their track "Why didn't Kylie Just Die Of Cancer)

Kolossal Kaos Cheeky Catchy Metal

LSD Glasgow Stoner Rock

Madman Is Absolute Yet More Glasgow Brutality

Reaper Of Hate Keyboard Ridden "Happy" Metal from Glasgow

Throne Of Stone Blackened Death Metal From Wigan/Nottingham Area

Vomicide Epic Progressive Black Metal From The North East Of England

+ the standard tell Barbour a joke competition either messaging him via Myspace ( or via e-mail ( and you can win yourself a well produced and presented Achren Demo as well as a set of darts which come in a pouch which is only sgned by the World's number 1 dart's player Martin Adams

in short this podcast is more or less 80 minutes worth of metal and metal related nonsense.